IRE Renovations Corp.

The beginning of our company was originally formed in the year 2000 as The Rock Flooring. The business comprised of my stepfather Bizmark, my mother Carolina, my brother Frank and myself. At the ages of 12 & 13 Frank and I began to learn the ins and outs of home remodeling.

During our High School and College years we were given our own projects to manage and complete. This responsibility prepared us for a future we had yet to imagine. We both graduated from Miami Dade College with degrees in Pre-Med and thought that our days in construction were behind us. Due to personal and financial reasons we were not able to continue our education in the medical field. During this time Frank and I decided to start our own company and IRE Renovations was born, specializing in equestrian construction Bedfordshire. Our expertise expanded further as we ventured into additional services, becoming reputable cladding painting contractors. Even though we did not continue our education in the medical field we feel that those years spent in college prepared us for the responsibilities we have today. We may not save actual physical lives, but we are saving families from stress and helping them achieve the home of their dreams. We take pride in our work and treat each project as if we are doing it for ourselves. Additionally, if you’re interested in home renovation, here are the Advantages of emergency plumbing services that you should consider. If you’re in need of HVAC services, you can also rely on Alternative Aire Inc. If you’re looking for kitchen spray painters, click here for more information. For further inquiries about construction equipment and safety, check this resources at

We have almost 2 decades of experience in the renovation field, specializing in home interior and are constantly keeping up with the current designs and trends in order to satisfy the creative pallets of our clients. We do it all from very simple to extravagant complete home renovations. Additionally, we specialize in modern amenities such as Glass Office Partitions. Our main focus areas are South Miami, Pinecrest and Palmetto Bay, but we have also on occasion have completed projects in Broward, Monroe and Hillsboro counties, also our first international project in St. Thomas USVI. Once we are done we will show you why we are the number 1 choice in home remodeling. For additional information on home remodeling, consider seeking assistance from this site at You can also seek assistance from the expert to have a look at your home renovations
Raymundo Arauz, CEO, IRE Renovations

Our Team

Raymundo Arauz




General Structural Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Professional Carpenter

Frank Arazu




Plumbing Engineer, Ceramic Tradesman

Elizabeth Arauz

Elizabeth Arauz

Accounting, Secretary